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Financial Sector Retail Chain

A financial sector retail chain will provide all the financial services like insurance, mutual fund, debts, bonds & debentures, bank deposits, post office schemes, stocks, paper gold, forex, foreign equity, and new instruments which would form part of financial market. It would help to develop systematic investing to create wealth and will not indulge in speculation.

Think big:

Liberal government policies allowed Indian entrepreneurs to think big. Ironically, these opportunities – and the consequent success stories – are rooted in the economic crises of 1990-91 that forced the government to abandon its disastrous tryst with socialism. This led, in turn, to deregulate of a host of sectors across the economy and unleashed Indian entrepreneurial talent like never before.

Cooperation and collaboration:

Innovation, combined with large-scale global trade in the knowledge sector, is creating wealth and new opportunities. IT has made it possible to disaggregate work, get it done at remote locations and then reintegrate it; more importantly, it has created tools and platforms for simultaneous location-independent work. The success of this model depends upon free and easy movement of ideas, data and people, for it is only then that collaborative innovation is possible. It converts customer-client and vendor-supplier relationship into partnerships. Cooperation and collaboration are the key words of innovation for inclusive globalisation.

Own brand:

We suppose that financial advisors are not moving here and there in search of clients, but they may have their own office, own brand with complete range of financial services. The time is not for specialisation. The time is to have a complete range of portfolio services under one roof and with these you will find that people are calling and coming to your offices for different services. And here you will find the way to spread awareness among masses that investment through us a ‘safer option.’

Variety of portfolio services:

Smart investors want to diversify and you should be equipped with other portfolio where they can put their savings as putting all the eggs in the same basket is not advisable. You should be equipped with a variety of portfolio services, which are shining to maintain your shine. There are lots of scheme of safe investing like gold ETF bonds and debentures. And still the investors are not satisfied; you should give them the equity exposure with long-term perspective.

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