Safe financial advisor

A Tech savvy force:

It is necessary to develop a tech savvy force for financial sector by providing a portfolio of assets in their hands, and enhance the integrity of financial products made available by financial sector companies with the core objective to create wealth for the society. As our economy becomes more open to global competition, future growth in financial sector will depend on our ability to innovate. Innovation has been the main engine of growth for the emerging financial market and will contribute to overall growth of the economy within a framework of inclusive growth.Top

A crucial role:

A Financial Advisor plays a crucial role by enabling individual investors to access a large range of products, which cater to their diverse needs. The Financial Advisors create and manage customised investment plans to each of their clients. The Financial Advisors have easy access to highly advanced technology platforms that enable them to not only meet customers’ demands but also add significant value to their financial needs. Top

A financial plan:

Investors across the globe need to realise that financial planning is a must for everybody. Any salaried individual with little bit of savings should have a financial plan in place. And this is not necessarily a one-time event. Even, fund investors indicated that investing through professional financial advisors enhanced their decision-making; improved chances of growing their money; and given them peace of mind about their investments. The professional financial advisors actually provide a bouquet of services. This includes regular portfolio review, financial planning assistance, retirement asset management, and investment recommendations. Top

Additional evaluation skills:

Investors in the security market are for exciting times as an increasing number of new financial instruments are hitting the market. This requires additional evaluation skills on their part. They must carefully examine the challenges in front of them to ensure that they do not miss out on any opportunity while broad-basing their portfolio. The result in more choices for investors requires them to explore additional areas for information while taking decisions. Top

Particular context:

A huge amount of financial advice is available these days. The good thing is that such advice serves to guide investors and remove false perceptions. However, there is also a danger of investors applying a suggestion given in a particular context to all situations. So, do consider the context in which the advice is given. Always remember, that most of what you read about, how to invest or trade in the securities market, may not really work that way in the real world. Even the investment/ trading methods of GURUS can lose you money when put to test in different context.Top

Morality tales:

There is hardly any author who has been able to conclusively show the universal money-making potential of their methods. Though most books are thoroughly enjoyable and the genre is quite addictive, treat them as morality tales rather than blueprints of your own future strategies. Many trading strategies that you will read in the books by foreign authors can not be applied in the Indian context because our trading rules are different. Top

Universal application:

Thus, we can not find any strategy of universal application. Even the strategy applicable in the same context in a country, can not be applied in the same context in any other country. We say, the world is borderless or world is a village, but this is not applicable to financial literacy.Top

Acute shortage:

The professional financial advisors are in acute shortage in our country. Though big houses are capturing the market by opening broking firms but they are always to prefer creamy layer and leaving behind the masses of investors requiring these services near to their doors. Even Banks, scattered all around, and sometime close to your clients have started to provide a mix of financial portfolio services. However, they are selling product without knowing the financial need of their customers. Top

Top positions:

You will see that the financial sector will be the next driver of economic growth and safe financial advisors will be holding the top positions in the national and multinational companies in the financial sector. Top


Safe education also works towards transforming a guy, engaged in any financial activity into a safe financial advisor. The growth of the financial market does not reflect in its participants, who continuously endeavor and devote lifetime in perusing the goals and targets. With the changing time, we need to change into safe financial advisors. Top

Crying need:

The level of understanding even among the front office distribution officials is not good. This often leads to mis-selling. It is not only the single location financial distributors who are to blame. Often foreign banks play mischief by churning portfolios of its clients. Churning after all in investments, earn them lucrative commission. They don’t also come back to investors, in case their recommendations go for a loss. Birth of a revamped distribution system along with qualified financial advisors is a crying need to protect the investors. Top

Market manipulators:

The government is proposing to put in place a framework for individuals, who dole out investment advice. The interest of small investors will be protected and they will be given new avenues for safe investment of their savings. Strictest action will be taken against market manipulators and those trying to deliberately engineer market panic. Top


Investment advisors have mushroomed in past few years on the back of a bullish market. Investors often tend to lose money after heeding these tips. However, an advisor has to have a certain level of minimum qualification to render such advice as the tips are never based on well-researched data. Top

Full attention:

The fact is that some investors do not give adequate attention to the process of decision-making. There is very little that anyone, including the best-intentioned regulator, can do to compel them to pay attention. Remember we are talking of investors in the stock market. By their very nature investors in the stock market cannot be insulated from risk that demands not just adequate but full attention. Buyers have no business to enter the market except their eyes and ears open. Top

Next growth engine:

Finance minister realise the objective of making financial services the next growth engine for India. India has an opportunity to export financial services. The real importance of this runs goes far beyond the immediate export revenue. The benefit of an export-quality financial system lies in the opportunity to get higher GDP growth out of the same investment rate. Top

It’s different:

All the current news of interest, day-to-day development in security markets and change in statutes affecting the security market will form the part of safe study material through the safe updates. Top

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