Safe e College

SAFE…The Securities Academy & Faculty of e-Educatio

An International College of ‘Education by Correspondence’

Safe education: Safe financial advisors’ professional education course
Safe updates: Continuing learning program
Safe helpline: Financial sector retail chain
Safe mission: Financial literacy mission
Safe center: Investment and research centre
Safe placement: 100% job guarantee
Safe registrar: CA Lalit Mohan Agrawal


Work-oriented education:

Mi7 is of the view that SAFE would provide students with the opportunity to receive work-oriented education. This would be particularly relevant for vocational and skill education so as to overcome a major weakness of the current school system where students are kept away from real life situations. Mi7 has even suggested outsourcing some functions of the SAFE in order to cut down expenses.

SAFE will provide the education programme to participants through Institutions imparting education in any field of knowledge. It will maintain an e-register of the participants and allot a web page to each participant on its official web site. The participants would have to ensure a vital linkage throughout their active life of professional service as safe member or safe financial advisors

Three wings:

SAFE Academy has three wings, viz., Web designers, paper writers and Technicians.

  • Web designers are responsible for development and maintenance of the online portal of the Academy, online examinations, continuing e-learning programs, safe updates and public notice of safe students, members and safe financial advisors.
  • Paper writers are responsible for preparing theoretical write-up on the subjects, additions and modifications in the write-up with the changing times and presentation of their papers in the events organised for the students, members and safe financial advisors.
  • Technicians are responsible for electronic writing, e-mail alerts to the safe participants, video-audio conferencing, and videography of seminars etc.

Board of studies:

Applications are invited from educational institution and companies to act as member of “Board of Studies” either directly or indirectly, which may contribute towards the unique, industry friendly and uniform education programme for entrants, students, member and safe financial advisors within the country and abroad.

Remember the programme is based on ‘Learn with your peers. Learn from your peers’ and participants will form the part of all activities like interiors, infrastructure, brand promotion, office management, study materials, seminars and cultural events at frequent intervals and even works coordination.

Any activity related to safe education shall be carried out through an authorised agency to maintain the uniformity. Outsiders shall not be entertained at any cost.

Unconstrained operations:

THE NATIONAL KNOWLEDGE COMMISSION suggests a five-fold expansion of the higher education system. It has argued

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