Mi7…The Missions Seven Charitable Trust
120/714, Narayanpurwa, Lajpat Nagar, Kanpur – 208 005

The indenture of the Trust was made at Kanpur in the yeas’06 with the objectives to form nucleus of Universal Brotherhood of Humanity and to establish facilities for imparting education in any branch of knowledge.

I-T Registration No: 389/1094/Kanpur CIT-1/12AA/2007-08/231 Dtd 13/04/2007
I-T Registration No u/s 80G: 389/1094/Kanpur CIT-1/2007-08/232 Dtd 13/04/2007
SAFE: Memorandum No: 09342100041

The whole theme of our education system is inspired by the exploitation in the education. It begins from the primary education and continued till the job fairs/ campus placements and even during the jobs created by such education; which has resulted in the discrimination among students. Discrimination is the cause of our concern. Mi7 therefore decided to open “SAFE…The Securities Academy and Faculty of e-Education.”

Remember that we are all temporary custodians of the wealth we generate, whether it is financial, intellectual, or emotional. The best use of wealth is to share it with the less fortunate. Most people like to lament and grieve about the sorry state of the world. But it is only a select few who take up a cause that infuses a new dimension of meaning to their lives. They do this knowing that their endeavors might not always bear fruit. But when you find a cause, which could light up your soul and fill you with a feeling of vitality every single day – it goes beyond rewards.

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