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    Christians as well as Muslims are both trying to praise and also serve God. With Islam v Christianity there’s a lot of confusion. A person can have only 1 God and this is undeniable. Muslims as well as Christians cannot each worship the true God since there are big differences in scripture regarding Christ. The actual scriptures for Islam claim that Christ was simply a prophet while Christianity believes He was the Son of God.Just the genuine God loves you. It is very clear from one verse in Islamic scripture whether Allah loves humanity or not. It really is taught by Allah that all of humankind must praise only him. Jesus, nevertheless, really loves everybody and is also the real God from the Holy Bible. Jesus Christ proved this at the cross and displaying his own love for all of us.The Islamic perception is that it isn’t feasible to understand God nor have a connection with Him. Islam followers are controlled by an administrator just like that associated with slaves regarding Islam vs Christianity. What truly matters is definitely the free reward associated with salvation Christians receive due to their belief in Jesus Christ.There are a lot of people that think the Holy Bible and also Qur’an are similar and both let an individual understand God. Just the Bible enables you to truly understand the Lord and is also the Word of God. To the contrary, the God in the Qur’an doesn’t permit knowing him. You simply can’t know Allah as outlined by true Islam. It is even regarded as heresy for an individual to assert to understand Allah. Islam states that these people are heretics.It’s crystal clear in Islam teaching that Allah hasn’t and definately will never die for you personally nor have a savior perish in your place. The Qur’an clearly affirms this. The actual Qur’an even states that it was Judas who had been crucified rather than Jesus Christ and that Jesus Christ by no means perished on the cross. It’s crystal clear also that the actual Qur’an teaches that God doesn’t need to provide a sacrifice with regard to sin. It actually says that this is mankind’s dilemma.Numerous Muslims need to know about Christ. There is lots of curiosity to learn more from the facts of Islam v Christianity. Nevertheless the Qur’an falsely informs them Jesus Christ is simply a prophet and that the original Bible text is actually altered. You will often end up being informed the Bible had been altered when trying to tell a Muslim about Jesus Christ. These people have a false perception that there were modifications to the actual New Testament to make Christ the actual Son of God and not just a prophet. Muslims consequently have formulated a reason to disregard the real truth about the Lord’s salvation through the death and resurrection of Christ.There isn’t any real evidence in this corruption of thinking. It’s important for us to always be ready to make clear the reason why their understanding of the Holy Bible being altered is just not accurate. The touchy topic of Islam versus Christianity is really a fact.