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    The price of technology does come down if you wait long enough as is proven by the LG Optimus One P500. With the purchase of this phone at the fraction of the price of better known brands, you will own a genuine smartphone. Whether this phone will be a bargain for you or if you should invest in a different smartphone is what we plan to discover in the following review.The LG Optimus One P500 will be upgrading soon from the Android 2.2 operating system it currently uses. The 2.3 OS of the Android, also known as Gingerbread is about to be released. You will be able to upgrade if you want to if you have bought a phone that still uses 2.2. Another option is just to wait until the phones with the new OS installed are available for purchase. Chances are it will have a variety of minor changes and tacticphone x improvements to it. Because the Gingerbread OS hasn’t been officially released yet, the reviews will have to wait, but many are hoping it will have the improvements needed to take the LG Optimus One P500 phone to the next level of smartphone. Because they are made for typing, the keypad on the smartphone is much easier to use than a basic cell phone. The LG Optimus One P500 offers the choice between a keypad that is the typical mobile phone setup or QWERTY which is like a computer keyboard or old fashioned typewriter.This will be advantageous if you plan to send a lot of text messages or write notes to yourself on your smartphone. On the other hand, the keypad on this phone isn’t the most comfortable one to use, as the buttons are fairly small. While typing on the LG Optimus One won’t be as easy as typing on the more user friendly keyboards on the more expensive smartphones, it will be easier than typing on a typical “dumb phone”.The LG Optimus One P500 does allow you to play videos just like all smartphone. There is a problem in that the phones display resolution doesn’t support all videos. Video performance can be improved by installing an app called RockPlayer. You can choose to install the free app of this which has ads, or pay for the upgraded version. Because it doesn’t support Adobe Flash, there can be problems viewing some videos and flash based web pages on the LG Optimus One P500. This phone does lack the hardware specs so the Android flash app doesn’t work on it. If the your main use of the smartphone is to watch videos or load websites that are flash based, then this isn’t the right one to use. A good choice for someone looking to purchase their first smartphone, the LG Optimus One P500 is also for those on a limited budget. Remember that it won’t give you the high performance or all the features that can be found in a more expensive phone. For the price of an ordinary cell phone, the LG Optimus One P500 is a decent smartphone.