Journal Of Finance

About the Journal of Finance(JoF)


The Mission Seven Charitable Trust (Mi7) is an organization devoted to various missions with one of its mission to enhance Financial Literacy.

The Journal Of Finance was planned at a meeting in January 2006 in India. The first journal of the Journal of Finance was called Financial Advisor Practice journal and was published in 2007. The journal became a regular serial journal in January 2007. Association membership has grown steadily over time.


Purpose of the JoF:

  • to provide for the mutual association of persons with an interest in finance and taxation
  • to improve public understanding of finance and taxation problems, and
  • to provide for the exchange of financial ideas through the distribution of a periodical and other media;
  • to encourage the study of finance and taxation in colleges and universities;
  • to conduct such other activities as may be appropriate for a non-profit, professional society in the field of finance and taxation.


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